June 13, 2019

Top Bucket Elevator Safety Tips

A bucket elevator is a fantastic device to bring into your warehouse. It makes grabbing large containers easier than ever before. However, there are always safety concerns when using machinery like the bucket elevator and when moving around heavy containers or containers holding hazardous materials. That is exactly why you need to do what you can to keep everyone safe on the floor. You should adhere to some bucket elevator safety tips to have the best of your machinery.

Best Bucket Elevator Safety Tips

To help, here are a number of the best bucket elevator safety tips you need to implement in your facility and go over with your employees.

Authorized Employees Only

One of the biggest bucket elevator safety tips you can follow is only allowing those individuals who have been trained to use the equipment to actually use the elevator. Too much can go wrong if someone without proper training tries to work the equipment. A bucket elevator is a rather complex piece of equipment and if someone doesn’t know how to use it there is a greater risk for them to injure themselves and those around them. It also increases the chance of accidentally dropping expensive machinery or damaging the elevator itself. All of this may end up coming out of the company’s bottom line. So, make sure all your employees know only trained, authorized workers have access to the device.

Clear the Area

Whenever someone begins using the bucket elevator it is essential for everyone else to be clear of the area. Make sure there is a warning given and the operator checks to make sure there are no other employees around when starting the elevator up. There is a large number of moving belts and chains. Once it starts up it can lead to a serious injury if someone becomes stuck.

Use The Provided And Approved Bucket Elevator Covers

All bucket elevators will come with a kind of safety cover and guard. These guards will help prevent loose items from becoming entangled with the machinery. While it will never 100% prevent loose fabric and hair from being caught, it does greatly reduce the chance of an accident. Due to this, it is very important to never use the machinery without the included cover and guards. If any of the protective equipment is ever damaged it is necessary for you to stop using the elevator until a replacement part can be installed.

Watch Loose Clothing And Hair

Once something that is loose fitting becomes trapped by the elevator it may lead to devastating injuries. That is why whenever using a bucket elevator the operator needs to check their clothing and make sure everything is tucked in. This also includes shoelaces. It is easy to miss shoelaces when working around the elevator. Additionally, hair should be tied back as well. It is best to wear a hairnet over longer hair in order to prevent the loose hair from accidentally being pulled in by the elevator. It doesn’t take much for someone to turn their head quickly and have their hair falling out and become entrapped in the elevator. By wearing a hairnet (even if it is under a hat or helmet), this problem can be avoided.

Keep The Work Space Clean

Every single button and control needs to be not only easily accessible but visible as well. No operator should use the machinery when parts of the machinery are blocked from view. It doesn’t matter how well someone thinks they know the controls if there is something blocking a controller’s visibility they need to stop operating the elevator until visibility is restored.

Fully Shut Down The Equipment When Cleaning/Working Around the Elevator

Because you are working with a moving device it is possible to knock over water, coffee, or liquids that are within the crates being moved. It is important to clean this up prior to continuing as it will help avoid slipping and additional damage. However, you should not leave the bucket elevator running while carrying out the necessary cleaning. Anything can happen when the elevator is running and nobody is at the controls. So, to avoid any kind of potential accident you will need to fully shut down the bucket elevator and let it turn off before you move forward with cleaning up spills or working in the area.

Lock Down And Block Energy Sources During Maintenance

Machines can be strange sometimes. Even if a device is off if there is an electrical surge or something within the device is altered it may cause the device to turn on, even without hitting the power button. That is why when it comes to performing maintenance on the bucket elevator you need to make sure all sources of power have not only been locked but have been blocked. This way when you’re working on the elevator you won’t have it suddenly turning on.

Have Your Employees Report Unsafe Conditions

Perhaps the bucket elevator is not functioning correctly, or maybe another worker is using the device when they are not supposed to. It is very important for you to have employees who can open up and tell you about these issues. Working an elevator without proper training will increase the chance of injury. The same is true if attempting to use the device and it isn’t working correctly.

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All of these bucket elevator safety tips are designed to help improve the health and wellbeing of employees at your office. These tips are easy to follow and will help prevent injuries, damage and other accidents from occurring as long as take each tip to heart. And, should you ever have any needs for new or upgraded bucket elevators, all you need to do is contact the team at 雷竞技苹果下载. The staff here will help you pinpoint the best elevator option for your facility and also assist in future-proofing your bucket elevator. This way, as your business grows you will have the necessary equipment that can handle all of your changing needs.

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