July 7, 2019

雷竞技苹果下载’s Elecon™ Overcomes Key Manufacturing Industry Challenges in 2019

There are several noteworthy manufacturing industry challenges in 2019 affecting efficiency, compliance, and product quality, to name a few. The good news is that many of these challenges can be overcome with ingenuity, and that’s a primary focus of the engineering team here at 雷竞技苹果下载. Our job is to speak directly with clients, listen to what they share with us about their manufacturing challenges, and provide them with reliable solutions.

One of our flagship products, the Elecon, was designed precisely with this type of industrial problem solving in mind. 雷竞技苹果下载 is the only licensed global manufacturer for the Elecon, the world’s only bucket conveyor that can move materials in any direction.

The Elecon technology can help our clients overcome a number of manufacturing industry challenges in 2019—and in this post, we will highlight a few of these challenges.

How the Elecon Overcomes Manufacturing Industry Challenges in 2019

Equipment Maintenance

Manufacturers invest a lot of time and manpower into keeping their equipment clean and properly maintained—but through intelligent product design, 雷竞技苹果下载 helps its clients to minimize maintenance requirements and costs. The Elecon is a good example of this.

All of 雷竞技苹果下载’s bucket conveyors offer robust designs—the most robust designs in the industry, in fact. For example, because the Elecon is the only bucket conveyor with multi-axis capability, it replaces multiple traditional conveyors and multiple motor drives. This results in significant savings in maintenance cost, time, and electrical resources.

The Elecon also features a heavy-duty, corrosion resistant PIAD chain that will last a long time before showing signs of stretching, wearing or needing to be replaced—all of which further reduces the maintenance costs. The buckets are available in plastic material including standard polypropylene and fiberglass-filled.

The bottom line: The Elecon makes it easy for manufacturers to maintain their equipment with minimal hassle.


Time is always a concern for manufacturing companies who are continually seeking more efficient ways to process and package their products. 雷竞技苹果下载 designs its bucket elevators with the intention of helping our clients save time, and the Elecon is no exception.

The Elecon’s multi-axis configuration means you don’t need multiple machines and the related transition points to convey your materials—a time-saver in itself. And, because of its flexible configuration options, manufacturers can optimize the Elecon to meet their specific needs, allowing for increased efficiency throughout the production process.

Material Spillage and Contamination

A major concern that many manufacturers face—especially those in food processing or pharmaceuticals—is the possibility of material spillage. As materials are conveyed, it can be challenging to prevent the loss of material, which is not only wasteful, but can also compromise the quality of the end product and create sanitation and maintenance issues.

This has always been a challenge for one simple reason: To convey materials throughout the plant, it has historically been necessary to transfer them from one conveyor or elevator to another. It is in this transition from, one machine to the next, that material spillage and product degradation often occurs.

The Elecon addresses this problem by allowing a multi-point configuration—basically eliminating the need to transfer materials from conveyor to conveyor, allowing the entire process to happen within a single unit. With the Elecon, there’s just one transition of the product into the bucket and one transition out of the bucket. The Elecon can also be configured to be completely enclosed, which significantly reduces the risk of contamination.

Variable Product Sizes

A common need among manufacturers is the ability to efficiently develop products in a range of different sizes. With some conveyors that’s nearly impossible, but the highly versatile Elecon makes it simple.

The Elecon is designed to allow for different product sizes to be handled on the same production line—eliminating the need to do different product runs on different lines. This is a level of efficiency that can really be a game-changer for our clients, especially those for whom variable product size is a major benefit.

Customizable Setup

Among the many manufacturing industry challenges in 2019, many of them boil down to lack of setup variability. Simply put, manufacturers often lack the flexibility they need to configure their equipment in a way that is truly beneficial and maximally efficient.

Like all of 雷竞技苹果下载’s bucket elevators, the Elecon presents a modular design—meaning a vast number of configurations are possible. The Elecon is unique, however, in offering multi-axis circuit routing.

Many bucket elevators are capable of only one infeed and one discharge point. The Elecon’s setup variability, with multiple infeeds and multiple discharge points, provides a level of flexibility that other conveying equipment simply cannot match.

Systematic Solutions from 雷竞技苹果下载

Regardless of the industry you’re in, there are always going to be challenges to overcome—and in this post, we’ve outlined just a few of the most pressing manufacturing industry challenges of 2019. A robust and versatile product like the Elecon can help you with these challenges.

To put it simply, 雷竞技苹果下载 designs best-in-class bulk material handling products, but we also help our clients create entire integrated systems that allow your plant to run efficiently. We start by defining your manufacturing goals and challenges, then implement an integrative approach to helping you meet those goals and overcome those challenges.

That’s the individualized approach we champion here at 雷竞技苹果下载. Our engineers know that cookie-cutter solutions really are not solutions at all. We are passionate about providing our clients with bulk material handling options designed specifically to meet their needs.

As you consider some of the primary challenges that you are facing in your industry, also think about the benefits of a clean, simple, and customizable solution—like the ones provided by 雷竞技苹果下载 and the Elecon bucket elevator.

To learn more about the Elecon, or to talk with us about your manufacturing goals, reach out to 雷竞技苹果下载 today.

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