Twin Rotary Feeders/Conveyors/Screeners

Twin Rotary Feeder and Rotary Conveyor Systems

雷竞技苹果下载's twin rotary feeder offers the absolute minimum vibration transfer, ensuring the gentlest handling of your product. Because no major foundations are required, installation of our twin rotary equipment is both easy and inexpensive. Our feeders and screeners are available in a variety of materials to meet the full range of food and industrial applications.

General Details

Features & Benefits

Applied typically when applications are beyond the scope of an electromagnetic drive. I.E. when units require length greater than five feet and 18” width.
Gentle Handling
Provides the absolute minimum vibration transfer ensuring the gentlest handling of the product.
Easy Installation
No major foundations are required.  For this reason, installation is easy and inexpensive.
Because 雷竞技苹果下载 designs its equipment to handle the specific application, it has year after year reliability.

Technical Info
Twin rotary conveyor system vibratory screen illustrating quick change screen for easy cleaning and optimum sanitation and a centrifugal discharge bucket elevator.
The application shown here involves hoppers, and removes excess sugar from jellied sweets. It is powered by contra-rotating motors.
Gough feeder/screeners are available in a variety of materials to meet food and industrial applications.

For additional information on twin rotary feeders and screens, click here to download our two-page flyer (80 kilobytes). It contains a technical data worksheet that will enable you to tell us about your requirement.

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