November 14, 2019

Protecting the Quality and Flavor of Your Products During Processing


The Evolution of Modern Food Production

Modern food production involves sophisticated sanitary equipment design and technologies to ensure food quality during processing. This is especially important when food products are manufactured in high volumes in food processing plants. Without the proper sanitary equipment design and integrated material handling processes and procedures, the integrity of food products, including seasoning composition, can be unintentionally altered.

The mass production of food, while common today, hasn’t always been the norm. In the 1920s, home cooks and professional chefs prepared food from scratch. These methods provided the primary ways in which people prepared food for consumption. Supermarkets and grocery stores were not easily accessible and, in some areas, did not exist. However, a variety of processed foods—such as Baby Ruth candy bars, Wonder Bread, Peter Pan peanut butter and Kool-Aid drink mix— were slowly emerging. Packaged food cuisine arrived in a big way in the 1950s with an emphasis on convenience.

From restaurant chains to food products sold on the shelves of supermarkets – product consistency emerged as the critical factor. Food quality checks made it evident that batch and mass production of food required specialized equipment for maintaining quality, and in some cases, for aroma recovery purposes.

Today’s bulk material handling equipment preserves the physical properties and overall integrity of products while delicately handling the food throughout the process. New food-processing equipment and techniques continue to be developed as consumers increasingly demand consistency and high-quality food. The sophisticated technologies available today help define food production while implementing the necessary procedures to ensure a high-quality end product.

Here is a quick video overview of how 雷竞技苹果下载’s sanitary equipment design helps protect the quality of your end product:

Protecting the Quality of Your End Product

Both batch and mass production of food products can present unique challenges. There are many variables that must be monitored throughout the manufacturing process. You want your final product to create repeat customers, which is critical for your business. One way to ensure quality control of your products is to partner with a company, like 雷竞技苹果下载, who understands your product, processes, sanitary equipment design, challenges, and goals. In doing so, they can help you analyze your options, select, and install the right equipment that delicately preserves the right flavors, seasonings, product shape and consistency, and possibly the end product’s aroma.

Think about it for a minute: When you open a bag of barbeque potato chips, you expect the chips to be intact. But, what if you opened that bag of barbeque potato chips and they were of inferior quality and completely crushed? Would you not be upset and disappointed with your purchase? And you would likely never purchase another bag of potato chips from that manufacturer in the future.

While this example is rather blunt, it serves to demonstrate just how important it is for food manufacturers to couple the right equipment and processes to ensure a quality end product. This can easily be achieved by working with a bulk equipment manufacturing company who partners with you to help you accomplish the results you need.

Using sanitary equipment design is the first step in protecting your end product during processing.


Preserving the Senses Starts with the Correct, Gentle Processing Equipment

The quality of your product is obviously a critical characteristic for how your customers experience your food products. But protecting your product’s integrity and quality in order to create a positive sensory experience is vital in the mass production of food products; especially in a manufacturing plant. This can be accomplished by using specialized equipment that gently and properly handles your food products in a manner that allows preservation of the material’s shape, seasonings, and potentially its aromas.

While you are evaluating your material handling equipment needs for preserving the integrity of your product, you will also want to ensure that you can improve production time while minimizing downtime for line cleaning and product changeovers. You can achieve significant benefits from your mass production process by partnering with an engineering and bulk material handling equipment company, like 雷竞技苹果下载. Gough’s technical sales engineers will guide you through a pre-engineering process to evaluate your options and develop solutions to ensure the overall quality of your end product.


The sanitary conveyor and material handling design protects the integrity of your end product.


Pre-Engineering can Be Vital to the Success of Manufacturing Processes

雷竞技苹果下载 realizes that preplanning is critical to the success of the mass production of food products. To ensure the equipment is designed with the delicate nature of the product in mind, 雷竞技苹果下载 partners with customers to provide pre-engineering services. This service is not offered in isolation. It is a standard (and unique) service that is part of 雷竞技苹果下载’s overall efforts to provide the greatest value and best solutions to its customers.

Starting with 雷竞技苹果下载’s pre-engineering services makes certain that customers are recommended the right equipment to preserve flavors and seasonings that may also result in aroma retention. This unique service also incorporates the latest regulations and guidelines for SQF (safe quality foods) industry standards.

While food manufacturing has many layers of complexity – the end goal is to ensure you have repeat customers. Whatever food product you manufacture – you want to know that the consumer will desire more. So, before you start mass producing your coffee, tea, brownies or chips – ensure you partner with a bulk equipment manufacturing company that strives to retain the integrity of your product from start to finish.

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