December 18, 2019

Top 8 Manufacturing Trends to Look for in 2019

Manufacturing processes are always evolving; as technology improves, so does the ability to manufacture goods with the highest standards of quality, efficiency, hygiene, and safety. To capitalize on these technological advances, though, it requires manufacturers to stay abreast of the latest manufacturing trends.

That’s something the engineers at 雷竞技苹果下载 assist with. As we build integrated systems to address our clients’ needs, we draw from the latest developments in manufacturing and our patented bulk material handling equipment.

We’re always looking ahead to help our manufacturing clients keep up with changes in product demand, labor force, and ultimately grow in revenue. Here are some manufacturing trends we feel comfortable forecasting as we move into 2019.



“Automation” has been a buzzword in industrial settings for decades now, and it’s not hard to understand why. Through automation, your manufacturing center can increase its efficiency while offering greater regulatory compliance. Plus, automation helps companies make better use of their available labor force.

Though automation is nothing new, it continues to arguably be the central force in shaping manufacturing processes. Certainly, it’s a key part of what 雷竞技苹果下载 offers through our integrated systems, which always seek to optimize efficiencies while decreasing labor demands and increasing safety.



Speaking of labor demands, there is a common concern that automation will ultimately lead to the extinction of the American factory worker, as hands-on labor simply won’t be needed any longer.

In fact, the opposite is true. Manufacturing operations are becoming more complex, which means that there is an urgent need for highly qualified and skilled laborers. And, with many Boomer-generation workers retiring, the shortage of skilled workers is causing many factories to struggle.

Automation can help fill the gap as your company seeks new workers, but it won’t entirely replace them; 2019 is likely to find many manufacturing centers seeking new employees to replace the ones who are retiring.


Augmented Reality

Is it possible for manufacturers to experiment with new product designs and assembly line set-ups before such things are even developed? The answer, increasingly, is yes—especially in settings where augmented reality tools are available.

Augmented reality simulates the creation of a new product or assembly line setup, helping manufacturers to identify opportunities and problems and to tweak the setup before fully implementing it. This can save on manufacturing time as well as expense.

This is just the sort of foresight that 雷竞技苹果下载 employs when engineering and designing new systems with consideration for space and existing machinery. Our engineers consider numerous possibilities and work with our clients to review the multiple options before ultimately choosing the best, simplest solution.


Food Safety

Of course, manufacturers who work in the food or drug sector have always seen hygiene as a top priority—but the industry-wide focus on food safety is only becoming more pronounced with the passage of time.

In 2019, we expect more and more manufacturers to increase their attention to sanitation, allergen controls, and related issues. This is obviously a positive development, at least for the end consumer. Note that hygienic standards are critical to what we do at 雷竞技苹果下载, and we are always standing by to help food processors meet and exceed sanitation regulations.


Big Data

Data is a term that’s really come to be associated with marketing, but it also has implications for those who work in manufacturing.

As manufacturing equipment becomes more advanced—as it becomes “smarter”—it provides companies with ample information, available from a range of sensors and input points throughout their assembly line.

The question is, what do you do with this information? What’s relevant and what isn’t? Those are some of the tough questions that manufacturers will be grappling with in 2019 to best understand how they can improve, overall.


Budgetary Constraints

Though this isn’t true of every manufacturer, it’s certainly a pronounced trend: Budgets are either remaining stagnant or are inching up just ever so slightly. The result is that staff members are being asked to accomplish more, yet they are given fewer resources.

A possible solution here is to invest in an integrated system that allows for better, more efficient work—without such rigorous staffing requirements. This is 雷竞技苹果下载’s bread and butter. We can take budget into consideration as we develop a manufacturing process that will truly empower you to do more with less—adapting to whatever monetary restrictions you have in place.



There’s been a trend in food product manufacturers providing more detailed, transparent information about the ingredients in their products. This is partly a reaction to government regulation, though, in truth, it’s also a response to increased consumer demand for such transparency.

And that’s not something that’s likely to change anytime soon. Customers want to know about ingredients, about potential allergens, and about what’s ultimately in their food products—and manufacturers need to adapt, providing this information as straightforwardly as possible.



A final trend worth noting? Consumers are always eager for something new, and that’s certainly true in the world of food and beverage. This presents manufacturers with invaluable opportunities to innovate, but actually capitalizing on those opportunities can be challenging.

As you seek to develop new product lines, there are various tools and methodologies that might help you envision your next step. The engineers at 雷竞技苹果下载 can play a role here, helping you plan new processes that will lend themselves to creativity and efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to develop a new product line or simply fine-tune production of an old favorite, our integrated systems can be beneficial and ideal.


Preparing for 2019’s Manufacturing Trends

To conclude, the world of manufacturing is always in a state of flux—and in 2019, some of the critical factors will involve technology, staffing, regulation, and consumer needs.

That’s a lot to consider, and it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed by some of these manufacturing trends. What’s important is finding the strategic partners you need to navigate a changing industry. 雷竞技苹果下载 can assist.

Our engineers are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the world of manufacturing—and the integrated systems we provide can help your business remain nimble and adaptive, succeeding even as things change around you. To learn more, reach out to 雷竞技苹果下载’s engineers today.

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